Kaemingk history

Entrepreneurship and Team Spirit

80 years of experience

It all started in October 1936 with the company B. Lusink & Co. This wholesale business in products such as haberdashery, toiletries, sponges and chamois leathers was taken over by Johan Kaemingk. He completely rebuilt the company and added toys, party and household articles and luxury leather goods to the range of products. A successful move!

In American hands

Kaemingk continued to grow, both literally and figuratively. The company started focusing more on Christmas items, Christmas decorations and small fireworks. A good decision, and growth continued. In 1992 the Kaemingk family sold their shares. The company in Aalten had by now become so successful that companies from abroad were starting to show interest. In 2001 Kaemingk was sold to an American investor. This increased our opportunities for growth and purchasing, and gave us access to the American market. A good move, of which we still reap the benefits now.

Growing market share

In early 2006 Kaemingk once again became a Dutch company. After that things developed rapidly: we were already active in Germany, France and Belgium, and now also in the United Kingdom. Our market share is going up every year, and we have grown into a healthy, international company with a pleasant atmosphere, where people work enthusiastically to achieve success and continue to amaze you!

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