The new Outdoor Living Collection 2019 | From the 11th of April 2018

The new Outdoor Living Collection 2019  | From the 11th of April 2018

Wednesday 14 February, 2018

Garden furniture – Outdoor Lighting - Fountains

Starting Wednesday 11 April 2018,  we proudly present to you our new Outdoor Living Collection for 2019. Our showroom floor covers over 1,400 m2, displaying over 400 lighting items, such as Solar Lighting, PE Lighting and Party Lighting. Discover our extensive range of garden furniture; over 500 items, all of which are produced using unique materials and excellent designs. Our collection of fountains offers a wide array of eye-catching, easy to install fountains, for inside as well as outside.

Visit our showroom, as of coming April 11th.

We are looking forward to showing you around >

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