Corporate Social Responsibility

Kaemingk's Decorating Team uses
creativeness to make a positive change


Monday 10 July 2023

Kaemingk’s inspirational Decorating Team spent last June working on an impressive project that revealed just how much they are involved in the community: they gave the homes of people in vulnerable circumstances a complete make-over. Everyone was very touched by the residents’ gratitude and joy.

Appreciation and gratitude

The Decorating Team, a group of 35 colleagues, joined forces with the Present foundation to put their creativeness and professional skills to good use for a noble cause. They transformed the homes of eight families who live in vulnerable circumstances in Aalten and Dinxperlo in the Netherlands. The Decorating Team paid attention to every last detail, from redecorating the children’s bedrooms and painting the living rooms to carpeting the stairs and refurbishing the halls, to produce warm, welcoming homes.

‘We are passionate about designing and creating beautiful things – it’s what we do, and we do it every day. The difference here is that we are using our skills to help people who really need it and that makes it even more special. Their appreciation and gratitude is amazing – we’ve never encountered anything like it’, a colleague from the Decorating Team said.

Unique and functional solutions


The residents told us what they would like done, after which our creative Decorating Team applied their expertise to designing unique, functional solutions. They even made complicated structures, such as desks, decorations and an entire wooden tree, beforehand.

In partnership with Present

This collaboration with Present was an opportunity for Kaemingk to get involved in the community in which we have our head office. ‘It’s fantastic to be able to do something for people living in difficult circumstances. We have the chance to help people and make them happy, and that’s simply wonderful’, added another colleague from the Decorating Team.