Blog: 2023 Christmas Collection

Celebrate the festive season

6 September 2022


Our buyers are already busy putting together our new collections, including designing the colours and patterns for each new theme, a process which they eagerly engage in, every new season. Next, products, based on these themes, are designed for, and by, Kaemingk to create a unique collection.

8 new themes

This season, we have no fewer than 8 themes, each composed of products that are trending in the coming Christmas season. Our basic groups also include plenty of new elements: Christmas trees, Christmas lighting and tree ornaments. We are delighted to already reveal that our main theme will revolve around celebration and luxury.

As from 30 november, our entire Christmas Collection for 2023 will be available. From then on, you can visit our showroom in Aalten, the Netherlands, by appointment. If you do not have the opportunity to visit our showroom, you can have a look at the other, perhaps more practical options: our digital showroom and our web shop. Our account managers can tell you all about the collection, so you can buy without any worries.

Buyer Lenneke Schoppers: 


Visiting our showroom will certainly be worthwhile again this year.

We have noticed that people have the need to do something extra and extraordinary during the festive season this year, and that there is a real desire for creating a cozy atmosphere  in and around the house.  We have made some real beautiful collections for all types of customer from classic, traditional to modern. We could say that we have managed to create an extensive as well as festive collection for every type of customer.  From collections presenting the latest colours all the way through to ready-made concepts and shopfloor solutions. All of this will you will find in our stunning and breathtaking  showroom, which has lots of decoration and inspiration for your own Christmas show.

For those who want to do things slightly different there will also be sufficient on offer. Just think modern with subdued colours and sleek design up to an uber- romantic theme with dazzling details and lots of fun.

Are you excited to see our 2023 Christmas Collection? 

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Buying from Kaemingk 


We’re your one-stop-Christmas-shop for your Christmas collection; you can choose from more than 14,000 Christmas items to create your own collection. Thanks to our themes and unique displays, we have plenty of inspiration for your own store presentation too.

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