Blog: Christmas trends for 2022

Christmas trends for 2022

8 September 2022


The summer is nearly at an end and the first Christmas items have already hit the shops. But what are the not-to-be-missed trends this Christmas? We have listed them here for you.

So This is Christmas

A Festive Christmas dinner


Our classic Christmas theme evokes that true Christmassy excitement every year. This theme probably reminds you of those well-loved Christmas films, which almost always feature these classic aspects. This year, the classic theme still has some new trends. The vintage style is back, and can be seen in a range of items, combined with the fashionable Christmas colours: mother-of-pearl, dark green and pale gold.

This theme embraces travel: classic vehicles are everywhere and hot-air balloons also star in it. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can use them any way you want in your store presentation.

Christmas Naturals

Pure & Fine


Natural, with a warm Christmas glow, that is a good way to describe the Christmas Natural theme. To counter the classic trend, this Christmas theme incorporates lots of pale colours and natural materials. The colours butterscotch, wool white, silver and walnut create a lovely, pure ambience for this theme.

It gives us the chance to work with a range of different materials, using both wood and ceramics. The ceramic hangers encourage creativity and are perfect for DIY projects. The wooden figurines with lights produce a trendy effect thanks to the artistic shapes of the Christmas trees. This trend reveals that you can combine a luxury Christmas with fashionable home decor.

La Vie en Rose

A Throwback to a nostalgic romance


This romantic theme is an innovative, and not to be missed as a Christmas fashion in 2022. The impact of Bridgerton has not remained unnoticed in the trends, so Christmas is the time to use this style in a big way. Gorgeous floral designs and pale pink shades give a nostalgic, luxurious touch to this theme. This year, trees can’t be seen without the must-have humming birds, dragonflies and festively decorated Christmas baubles; finish off with large flowers to make this completely OTT. The colourway includes: winter white, mother-of-pearl, velvet pink and blush pink.

We are already looking forward to cosy December days! 


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