A sustainable Christmas with Decoris Christmas baubles

Unique and handmade in Europe

14 december 2023


With the festive season just around the corner, we are all wondering how to decorate our homes, increasing its ambience and cosiness. That’s why Kaemingk includes sustainable Christmas ornaments in our collection, as they help make Christmas more sustainable in every way.

Organic glitter


These Christmas baubles are made with organic glitter, a fantastic alternative to traditional glitter, which is made out of micro plastics. They still have the same glorious sheen and shimmer, but without the environmental impact. In addition, these Christmas baubles are coated with water-based paints and varnish that don’t contain chemicals like silver nitrate.

FSC®-certified packaging


And that’s not all... It’s not just the Christmas baubles that are gorgeous and environmentally-friendly, their packaging is too! We have packed them in FSC®-certified paper - in other words, the paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests. As a result, the packaging does not contain any plastic at all, so your Christmas decorations are ‘greener’ than ever this year.

Sustainable decoration


So, why not go for ornaments that don’t just make your home more beautiful, but also help us protect our planet? Our handmade, glass Decoris Christmas baubles from Europe will fill your home with Christmas cheer and reflect your commitment to the environment.