Nest boxes: Invite your little friends


Spring is just around the corner! It’s time to welcome our little friends to the garden. Butterflies float between blossoms, bees buzz and birds sing. The best way to entice insects and birds to your garden is to offer them a home. At Kaemingk, you will find a large collection with different nest boxes, insect hotels and hotels and feeders for birds and for insects!

Nest boxes and bird feeders

Nest boxes and bird feeders are a great way to attract all sorts of different birds. You’ll be able to see robins, sparrows, blackbirds and starlings in your own garden. We have nest boxes in all sorts and sizes, from small to large and from ceramic to wood. There’s something to suit every garden!

Insect houses

In addition, we have different kinds of insect houses. There’s a suitable house or hotel for every garden. We have insect hotels for butterflies made of wood with little gaps through which the butterflies can fly. We also have bee hotels with different sorts of holes and cracks in the wood to make them suitable for different species of bees.

Discover all our nest boxes, insect houses and feeders here!