Blog: Shop-floor concepts 

A highlight on shop-floor concepts for Christmas 2022

9 December 2022


Have you considered our shop-floor concepts yet? For a number of our customers, we have set up some fabulous shop-floor concepts for 2022’s Christmas season. Working with those customers, we designed a commercial concept based on the range they had purchased.

Intratuin, Duiven


We created a shop floor full of hanging glass figures for Intratuin Duiven (in the Netherlands), which has proven to be very popular. It is decorated with quirky, unique glass figures that will give any Christmas tree a truly personal touch.

Eurofleur, Leusden


At Eurofleur Garden Centre in Leusden (also in the Netherlands), we focused on themes for our part in their Christmas show. This setting does full justice to the classic theme ‘So this is Christmas’.


"Every little box, every ornament, every statuette and every Christmas bauble is highlighted in the perfect spot."

Our Sales Account manager, Annelies Schuurman, explains:

Our customers were doing their Christmas shopping at Kaemingk’s right up until the end of February. After that we got together with them to set up their shop-floor concepts. We draw a lovely design based on the collection they had purchased and our marketing and decor team worked out the details.

While everyone else spent the summer enjoying the gorgeous sunshine at sidewalk cafés, Annelies was already at work at Eurofleur, her customer’s site in Leusden, where they were preparing for the annual Christmas show. Every little box, every ornament, every statuette and every Christmas bauble is highlighted in the perfect spot. In two weeks’ time, we will be decorating our part of the Eurofleur Christmas show, creating an ambient shop-floor concept where consumers can shop to their hearts’ content.


Villaggio di Natale di Solara, Rome


We constructed a large Lumineo lighting shop at Garden Centre Villaggio di Natale di Solara in Rome (Italy). Here, colour segmentation guides consumers to the products they are looking for.

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