Lumineo solar lighting:

Must-haves for Outdoor Living

Summer is not far off now! That means it’s high time to make your garden summer-proof and give it an inviting ambience. As a leading solar wholesaler, Kaemingk has a wonderful collection of Lumineo solar lighting. These light sources are not simply energy-saving and sustainable, they also create a cosy atmosphere in every outdoor area.


Solar lighting is the perfect solution for illuminating and decorating your surroundings to create a lovely atmosphere. A major advantage is that solar lighting does not need a power connection so you can place it anywhere that gets sunlight, making it ideal outdoor lighting for gardens and patios and for lining garden paths.

Solar wholesaler

We are a reliable solar wholesaler with a large range of solar lighting options. From ambient garden lamps to clear premium lighting, our selection contains a varied selection of lights for all sorts of different uses. It includes things like wall lights to hang on your fence, garden lamps and lights to guide you along your garden path (garden stakes).

Moreover, we have several illuminated objects to use as ornamental garden accents, pendant lamps to brighten your dining table and table lamps for cosy outdoor dining or for spending the evening on the lounge set.

The absolute must-have!

Growing ever more in popularity are the solar party lights! Lumineo solar party lights are the perfect choice for creating a relaxed, friendly setting for any outdoor celebration or event. As a leading solar wholesaler, we offer these products because they are energy-saving, sustainable and versatile and have plenty of style. Moreover, they are available in a variety of styles and colours – perfect for creating the right mood. Add some sunshine to your evening with our solar party lights!

We have an exhaustive range of solar lighting for this coming spring and summer season, and it’s still available in our web shop. Have a look now to see how you can illuminate your garden both stylishly and sustainably!

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