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'Innovative, safe and seasonal collections that are as sustainable as possible'

Sustainable products

Kaemingk’s strength lies within its innovating and continuously improving collection, which we offer to many markets. This strength also makes us a trendsetter in the development of sustainable products.

We are using sustainable raw materials for our articles more frequently. These are products made from certified materials, e.g. FSC®-certified paper and FSC®-certified wood (FSC®-C134466) or these are products made from recycled or recyclable materials. All FSC®-certified products carry an FSC® logo. Make sure you look out for this logo when looking for all of our FSC®-certified products.

Recycled glass
Christmas baubles painted with water-based paint
FSC®-certified paper Christmas trees

Sense for Environment

Our rapidly expanding collection of sustainable products, made from recycled materials and FSC®-certified materials and manufactured according to Kaemingk’s guidelines for sustainability.

Sustainable packaging


We are working to proactively reduce packaging material, using more and more sustainable raw materials.

We examine each type of material to see how much of it we can reduce and we are investing in the use of monomaterials. In addition, the share of packaging and protective materials made from recycled material, such as honeycomb paper and certified material, increases with each passing season.

Safe and high-quality products for everyone

We market safe, high-quality products that comply with, or exceed, international standards.

Thanks to our team of Quality Managers in the Netherlands and in Asia, we can guarantee the safety and satisfaction of our customers and end users.

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