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'Minimal CO2 emissions and working with responsible partners'

Reducing CO2 emissions to a minimum

Sustainable businesses practice also entails reducing the emissions throughout our value chain to a minimum. That’s why we working with more partners who play an active part in sustainability and thereby reinforcing our own efforts towards a better environment. 


Sustainable transport

For all our inbound and outbound transport, we select logistic partners who work towards reducing the CO2 emissions caused by our inbound and outbound transport.

Everything can make a difference

Did you know that packaging methods, stacking and pallet layouts can make a difference to sustainable transport? For this, we use a collomodular system to ensure that optimal use is made of the pallets. 80% of our packaging for Christmas lighting 80% has already been switched to collomodular.

Ensuring social conditions

We require our suppliers to sign our social compliance conditions and instruct audits to be conducted to ensure good social conditions.

We also work actively with partners who invest in sustainability and, moreover, guarantee the social conditions of everyone employed in the chain.


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